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7 misszionárius DJ / producer. Tágabb értelemben az elektronikus zenéről hasonlóan gondolkodó nyitott baráti társaság az ország minden szegletéből. Inspiratív elektronika és art house, közízlésformálás és iránymutatás. Zeneélvezet, bár- és partikultúra. 2001 óta.
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Frankie Knuckles on What House Music Is

Frankie Knuckles on What House Music Is

A következő gondolatokat FK blogjában találtuk, érdemes elolvasni…
Cee Kay Harlekin - Deep Your House

Cee Kay Harlekin – Deep Your House

Cee Kay Harlekin from Germany has been DJing since 1996 – long enough to have a unique taste of quality house music – and he proves it time to time at Republic Café in Salzburg, where he is a resident DJ.
No Solution Release

No Solution Release members No Solution can be proud again: the Adam Byrd Remix of their first track ‘Spirit of The Wood’ was featured on the Nassau Beach Club Ibiza compilation alongside tracks from Bugge Wesseltoft, Martin East Project, Spiritcatcher, Knee Deep and many more. Live @ Balaton Sound Live @ Balaton Sound

Idén volt szerencsénk minden nap játszani a Soundon, például ilyen szetteket. Reméljük sikerült megőrizni a hangulatot, vizualizáljátok mellé a többit. :)
DPC32: Rony Breaker - Poolside

DPC32: Rony Breaker – Poolside

United Soul member Rony Breaker put a mix together that reflects the sound of the summer capital of Hungary: Siófok. This summer he plays at Café Móló, Mala Garden, Ragtime and Renegade Bar every week – this mix is an essence of what we can hear from him live!
Tamas Fiel - Distant Thoughts

Tamas Fiel – Distant Thoughts

New name on the site – a cool midsummer mix for us. Two important things you need to know! Find him on and Radio Tilos too!
Where can you hear us during the summer?

Where can you hear us during the summer?

Summer is here, and we are travelling around the country to bring the vibe all over. Here is a brief list of the most significant events we participate in. Come and party with us this year again!
DPC31: Moments presents City Heat

DPC31: Moments presents City Heat

Since Moments and have been collaborating for the very first time, it was obvious to release an “official” Moments compilation on this site.
Gilles Peterson

Gilles Peterson

Couldn’t think of a better start to embark on this new year than welcomin’ one of the most (worldwide) acurate observers by the likes of… Gilles Peterson.
DJ Venus7 - Diva of the Deep Mix

DJ Venus7 – Diva of the Deep Mix

Our new guestmix offers pure deepness and quality straight from the US! Dj Venus7 collected tracks that make us realise: this is the original dope tribal shit we love!
Ruszi - Classic Club

Ruszi – Classic Club

Many of us think of the late ’90s as the revolution of house music in Hungary. Soulmates member Ruszi has made a collection of his personal favourites from this era. Listen to this mix and travel back in time…  pure nostalgia! :)

Marcelo Mas – September 2007

Ezt a mixet archiváltuk.