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7 misszionárius DJ / producer. Tágabb értelemben az elektronikus zenéről hasonlóan gondolkodó nyitott baráti társaság az ország minden szegletéből. Inspiratív elektronika és art house, közízlésformálás és iránymutatás. Zeneélvezet, bár- és partikultúra. 2001 óta.
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DPC30: Tolnai - Földfény Szalon

DPC30: Tolnai – Földfény Szalon

DeepVisionNight head-honcho Tolnai made this special mix ‘Földfény Szalon’ (‘Earthlight Saloon’) for all the deep heads of winter times, creating the 30th episode of’s ‘Deepcourse’ series.
MAD - DeepVOLcome Mix (Dedicated to Pee)

MAD – DeepVOLcome Mix (Dedicated to Pee) friend DJ MAD made this essential collection of his favourite deep and soulful house gems.

Barbara Tucker: Stop Playing with My Mind

Always and forever That’s what I thought our love will be You and I together babe I guess I was livin’ in a fantasy You said you needed sometime To find out what you were feelin’ inside So baby tell me just how long Must I keep holdin’ on My love ain’t gettin’ strong You’ve...

Blaze presents Uda & Barbara Tucker: Most Precious Love

Whoa precious, precious love, Whoa precious, precious love, Whoa precious, precious love, Whoa precious, precious love, I was lost, and in the dark, searching for some-thing to refill my heart, ‘though we’re lost and so alone looking for a place to call my home and I’m looking for…….. (Whoa precious, precious love,) precious love, found...

Mr. V feat Miss Patty: Da Bump

Who’s Mr V, who’s Alix Alvarez, SOLE channel music, yea alright, that’s wack, I only like this one record that they did, It’s called “da bump”, That’s the only thing I like, Yea it sounds like this, I like it yo, It’s cool but that’s the only thing, Yea I’m hatin’. C’mon. We gonna do...
DPC 29: Dobos Tamás - Akasha

DPC 29: Dobos Tamás – Akasha

Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady

Church Lady, Can you spare her a song, ‘Cos Glory Hallelujah, Ain’t enough for her wrongs, Church Lady, Can she borrow some time, Cos’ she needs to sit down And reflect on her behind. She can’t see the forest for the trees, She got a child who’s only three, And no child is deserving Of...

Tomee – Without You (incl. No Solution Remix) is OUT!

Hungarian guitarist Tomee’s new track, Without You was released on Karmatronic Records including a smooth guitar-driven remix by No Solution. Buy and listen here.
No Solution on Blue Marlin Ibiza Vol. 1

No Solution on Blue Marlin Ibiza Vol. 1

Ibiza’s Blue Marlin club brings it’s patrons an ambient and relaxed atmosphere with a world class restaurant and club. Set in an idyllic little bay, the venue is decked out in teak wood with comfy sofas… one of the most comfortable places to relax and unwind on the island. This collection brings you the music...

Marcelo Mas – Move!

Ezt a mixet archiváltuk.

Bucket – Jazz in The House

DOWNLOAD No tracklist is available for this mix.

Richard Earnshaw – Radio Mix for

DOWNLOADS 01. Giattino “Released Pressure” (Hardsoul’s String Overture) – Hardsoul Pressings 02. Wookie ft. Lain “Live On” (Mark Grant’s Blackstone Remix) – Soul Heaven 03. Juke Joint ft. Yvonne Brown “Gotta Get Up” (Muthafunkaz Get You Up Mix) – Tony Records 04. Christian Alvarez & Mad Mark Ft. Terri B “Living Joy” (PART 1) (Richard’s...