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7 misszionárius DJ / producer. Tágabb értelemben az elektronikus zenéről hasonlóan gondolkodó nyitott baráti társaság az ország minden szegletéből. Inspiratív elektronika és art house, közízlésformálás és iránymutatás. Zeneélvezet, bár- és partikultúra. 2001 óta.

13 Online Radio Stations Playing Deep Soulful House Music collected 13 online radio stations out of which the hungry music lover can choose from. There are bigger and smaller ones, simple and well-designed, but the common point in these is that all offer shows that interest us: house music lovers, no matter if you prefer deep, soulful jazzy or techy: if you go...

Marcelo Mas – September 2007

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Teena Marie – Portuguese Love

Hey, baby, how you doin’ Wow, huh, it’s really been a long time You know Remember that night You remember On a starry winter night in Portugal Where the ocean kissed the southern shore There a dream I never thought would come to pass Came and went like time spent through and hourglass You made...

Ian Friday presents Anto Vitale – Theorema Del Faya

(Bridge) Open wide, diamond life, Pretty eyes..oh oh oh Open wide diamond life, If you like we can go..oh oh oh (Verse) You gotta know, if this feels right Any day or moment is the right time You need to oh Feel you might like Anyplace we’re going is the right time (Bridge) Open wide,...

Fatboy Slim: Song for Shelter (used in DJ Le Roi’s “I Get Deep”)

I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper into this thing the deeper I go the more knowledge I know what to sing what to bring wha? I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper into the rhyme wha? why? Chillin’ in the corner at...

Stevie Wonder: My Love is On Fire

Look at how they stop and stare As if they’ve never seen a heart in love And though I see them I don’t care Cuz, I’m too busy thinking bout our love Thinking about that each and every morning I wake up to that love glow in your eyes And though it seems I’m hooked...

Freakyhouse pres. Herb LF – Midnight Marauding

[FHM006] Herb LF – Midnight Marauding The FHM006 is arrived straight from Germany and the man behind the tables is Herb LF from Dortmund. The more than 70 minutes mix is a collection of deep and tech house tracks. Tracklist: 01.City Rush Boogie Dub – Herb LF w/ Matt Flores – Farside 02.Turn Loose –...

Marcelo Mas – Move!

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Jacob – Deep Blue Summer Mix


Robert Strauss In the Mix

This is a guestmix from Canadian artist, Robert Strauss. DOWNLOAD

Marcel – Casino Classics (An Exclusive mix)

Good Looking Records’ Hungarian artist Marcel / Carmel did an exclusive mix for us! DOWNLOAD tracklist: 01. Beastie Boys – Ricky’s Theme – Marcel – Welcome To The Casino (Acapella) 02. Curtis Mayfield – No Thing On Me (Cocaine On Me) 03. Armand Van Helden’s Sampleslaya – Bounce – Bill Evans & Jim Hall –...

Ruszi & Szabopee live @ Jazz Café

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