I saw that you live in London & Chicago too. What is the differnce between the two clublives?

I’m actually from London…born & bred, but earlier this year, I moved out to Chicago to stay with my good friend Frankie Knuckles for around 4 months. Chicago is a great and very beautiful city, the clublife feels more spiritual there as it’s the birthplace of House music. The clubbers are passionate about their music and dancing and it really brings a great atmosphere out in Chicago. There was a place where I spun at on a Monday night called The Boom Boom Rooms (Green Dolphin), man, that place was amazing….packed on a Monday night! You will find legends such as Ron Carroll, Dajae, Diz, Mark Grant, Craig Loftis (Grand High Priest) etc just chilling there having a drink!

London on the other hand is one of the clubbing capitals of the world! You can find every and any scene over here. The house scene is very healthy here and pretty much every night of the week, DJ’s from all over the world play. I’ve been lucky to have been granted two monthly residencies in London, one at the EGG and one at TURNMILLS. Both are two of my favourite clubs in London.

I guess to be honest, both are great cities, but when it comes down to House music, and people who love it…it doesn’t matter where you are!

It is an open secret that you made a remix for Frankie Knuckles. Please tell me about that remix.. Will it come out?

Haha…an open secret! That’s meant to be top secret! No, I’m just kidding. Yes, just recently we (Seminal Grooves) have just completed a remix for Frankie’s Noice!Music label which he personally asked us to do. It’s a track by Marko Militano titled GOOD PEOPLE. It came out a couple of years ago actually, but then Tedd Patterson (Cielo, NYC) re-worked it and Frankie snapped it up for his label. The package includes remixes by Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper, Seminal Grooves, Tedd Patterson & The Shapeshifters…actually this will be coming out in a number of weeks now! It was HUGE at the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year!

How did you get in connection with Frankie?

Frankie & I have been friends for around 10 years now…he is like family to me. I first met him when I was a resident for a night called ’SugarShack’ @ The Middlesbrough Empire in the north of England. This club had big names on a weekkly basis, and I was on warm up duty…Frankie & I got on very well straight away and then kept in touch on a regular basis. The rest is history! He is an open hearted genuine person who has taught me so much, not just in this business, but in everything! God bless Frankie Knuckles.

Who are your top friends in the scene?

Haha…my top friends in the scene! Well, for one it has to be Primo – the other half of Seminal Grooves and of course the Godfather Frankie Knuckles. Other than that, I work very closly with Matt Caseli (Pacha – Ibiza), Shik Stylko, Craig Loftis (Grand High Priest), Dante (Push FM) & Euan Mitchell (Soultonic). Saying that, however, the UK house scene is like a small family, everyone knows everyone really…the Audiowhores, DJ Meme, DJ Romain (NYC), Parrish Wintersmith (Groove Junkies), Aaron Weibahm (DAE Recordings, Chicago), Groove Assassin & Sam & Gav from Copyright are good friends of mine also.

What does soulful mean to you? What gives you the inspiration to compose music?

Well, Soulful to me, is music that lifts you. I mean, for me, a track doesn’t have to have any vocals for it to be soulful…or an electronic record can be musical. You just feel it. I think I love beautiful music…whatever the style. But when im DJ’ing, whether, im playing deep or tribal etc it still has to have the soul element in it, you will notice that when I play.

Do you play any instruments? What kind of producing equipment do you use?

I used to play the piano when I was a kid, which has helped me immensely in producing music…also when you DJ. I think with practise anyone can mix beats…but whether you can mix in Key is a different matter. That’s where the musical knowledge comes in. However, my piano skills are limited now, but I know my keys and chords which is important. As far as equipment, we sequence everything using a software called Ableton Live, for us, this software is amazing. A lot of producers are switching to this now. Other than that, most of our music (keys, sax, strings etc) is recorded live with real musicians. I feel that’s important to have the live element…it makes the track more natural and feels like proper music.

Your favourite tracks, meals, drinks of the moment?

I think one of my favorite albums this year, has to definitely be Osunlade’s new album on Strictly Rhythm. Its amazing! But as far as individual tracks, there are so many! Personally, I think Terry Hunter is on fire at the moment, the stuff he is releasing with Theresa Griffen is fantastic. From ’Sunshine’ last year, to the brilliant ’Wonderful’ (which tore up the WMC this year) has really put soulful house back onto the map!

Haha…and as far as food is concerned…I pretty much eat anything! (Anyone reading this who knows me will be laughing right now, as they know how much I eat!). Im a big fan of anything spicy…the hotter the better! On top of that, Red Wine is my drink, especially with food!

Who do you think are the best upcoming producers?

Hmm…there are some great upcoming producers at the moment, I mean, look at The Martinez Brothers whom are only 18!! They are smashing it worldwide. There is also Daniel Cummins from Ireland who is only 16. Mark Farina picked up his track ’Deep Heat’ (Dae Records) for his latest mix album. Also, my friend DJ Meme, although being on the scene for a while, his remix of Kenny Bobian and Fish Go Deep are going to lift him through the roof! He is a very talented producer and rightfully deserves the success. Also, I really like what the Panevino guys are doing at the moment! On the deep house scene….Stathis L is a name to watch out for!

Besides the studio and DJing – what do you do to relax?

Training is an important part of my life. I think in this industry its important to stay fit and active. It helps to have that balance. Especially when travelling is concerned as that takes a lot out of you. I play sports and train pretty much every day. Apart from that, I love watching movies, at the moment, im hooked on two shows…Prison Break and 24!! Man, I can’t stop watching those! Haha.

What do you suggest to rookie producers?

Well, its not what you use, but how good you use it! Haha. I think the trick with soulful house music, is to make it sound live. Don’t quantise 100%, and have some live musical elements.

Have you got a residency? Which was your most memorable party ever?

I have two monthly residencies in London. One at The Egg nightclub in Kings Cross area, and the other in Turnmills. Im also a resident for a club night called Naked @ The Cornerhouse, in Middlesbrough (North of England). Funnily enough, one of the best parties which I’ve played at was actually last weekend at The Egg…was for the night Rhythmatic and it was amazing! I don’t think you could have fit anymore people in that place and the atmosphere was amazing. Also, one of my most memorable parties was playing at the re-opening night of a club in Yarm called Tall Tree’s, back in 2000 (the biggest club in the UK). It holds around 8000 people! That was amazing, just having that many people dancing away in front of you!

In your opinion what should somebody do to make soulful house more popular in his country?

Trends of different music comes and goes. What ive found is that the majority of people don’t know what proper House music is. They follow whats ’in’ at the time. But when they are exposed to it, they like it. Its all about perserverence. Just stay true to what you believe in and people will recognise you for that.

What can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

Well, as you know, the remix of GOOD PEOPLE we have completed for Frankie Knuckles Noice!music will be released in matter of weeks. Then, we’ve just finished a remix for Swank Recordings. It’s a track off the new Justin Michael album titled ’Don’t Hold Back’. Im really pleased with that one, that will be the next release from Swank. Currently, we are working on ’Deep Heat’ by Daniel Cummins for DAE Recordings (Chicago) and we have just written a new track with Alexis Hall (vocalist from Audiowhores – Subject of my affection) which we are just starting production on. As far as DJ’ing…bookings are coming in thick and fast at the moment, recently, ive been in Italy, Santorini, London, and then after I play for you in Hungary, I play the whole of Australia and Asia, returning back to the UK in time for Christmas!

I’m also resident for my management’s own night called Rhythmatic, we are doing numerous events in the UK and Europe.

Thank you for the answers and we are really looking forward to hear you.

Thank you, I’ve heard great things about your club and im really looking forward to playing there for you.