One of the upcoming soulful labels in the scene is without doubt the one founded by Ralf Gum, the german based GOGO Music. Of course with such great artists like Raw Artistic Soul it isn’t so surprising. In 2001 they had only one release, wich was followed by more and more lately. Last year the first compilation (GO!) mixed by Ralf Gum was released containing a variety of the songs of the label. This mix met with undivided succes not just in Germany but the in the surrounding cuntries as well, including Great-Britain.
I sent a not very tailor-made thorough questionnaire to Ralf to get to know more about the musicians of GOGO. He then forwarded it to all of the performers/producers of the label. Those who wanted (and could;) answered to the questions. You can see the results down under… Tell us about your musical roots?

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL (Phil Kullmann): Early started playing drums and electric bass, later I switched over to percussion and started producing music in 1997. In 2002 I built up a new studio in Cologne and started my own project: RAW ARTISTIC SOUL.

Benny Pecoraio: There are no real roots. I have always been open-minded to any style of music. It has to sound good, that’s all.

Roberto De Carlo: I was always fascinated by the clubscene because my father was the owner of the legendary “TIVOLINO” nightclub (near Zurich) in the mid-eighties.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): I started playing drums at the age of 10 years. I grew up with Jazz, Funk, African and Brasilian Music. Later I started to listen to more modern music like Drum ’n Bass, NuJazz and House and learned to play this Music.

Ralf GUM: I try to listen to all kind of music. I early realized that I like funk & soul, but there are no specific roots. The first time you met house music and the first impression about it?

Ralf GUM: First contact was in 88/89 on a Chicago house sampler, then in 1991 in NewYork’s clubs. The vibe immideatelly got me…

Benny Pecoraio: There were some shows on diverse music television and radio stations I watched/listened to accidently at first. The more I dealt with it the more I got fascinated.

RDC: I was inspired by the early soulful sounds of Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange, Mousse T., Sounds of Life and Jazz ’N’ Groove, to name a few.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): It was 8 years ago and it was Ralf GUM on the turntables. How would you describe the sound and style of your own music? What is it inspired by (genres, artists, groups)?

Ralf GUM: Fly-away sound with deepness inspired by jazz, funk, soul, afro & latin.

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: My own sound, is a mixture of soulful worldbeat, clubby, jazzy with a lot of riddim. What really inspires me is the development and the expression of a musical form, based on people and their culture.

Benny Pecoraio: Catchy, always provided with some funk. Concerning inspiration please read the answer to question number one. ;-)

RDC: I love the funky style with influences of soul, jazz and a latin touch combined with a groovy, warm beat.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): We take the mission to blow away musical boarders with an irresistable groove. How would you define the intellectuality of GOGO?


Benny Pecoraio: Ralf only releases music he is convinced of. That makes GOGO very personal and I think music lovers appreciate that.

RDC: Good & contemporary quality club music.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Music. Who do you think is the most talented GOGO artist?

Ralf GUM: The one with the upcoming release…;-)

Benny Pecoraio: Me, myself and I. ;-) Just kidding. GOGO is one whole thing and every single artist does his very own bit. Perfect match!

RDC: Everybody has his own talent, but i think all GOGO artists together are THE FORCE. Favourite release at the label?

Ralf GUM: The GO! labelcompilation as it unites most of my favourites.


Benny Pecoraio: One’s too hard. My top three releases (in alphabetical order) are King Club ’You Were Singing’, Roberto De Carlo ’Soulful Things’ and Rookie ’No More’.

RDC: Difficult to pic up only one, but King Club – “You were singing” is definitely one.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Ralf GUM feat. Concha Buika – Nobody can touch me Please tell us about your residencies or the last few gigs? Where did you play and what were the feedbacks?

Ralf GUM: I’ve got two residencies in my hometown. On Friday night the „Airport” which holds a bigger crowd and where I play a bit more pumpin and uplifting. On Saturdays the”Studio” which I share with Benny Pecoraio and which I try to keep real deep. I played various gigs elsewhere lately, e.g. in London at Minsitry of Sound Radio.

Benny Pecoraio: My residency is a small but stylish club in Wuerzburg called ’Studio’. Always worth a visit. A highlight was spinning in Paris at the Tour de France afterparty for the Telekom-team and in Zurich, Switzerland last year. DJing is fun but I’m definitively more a producer/musician than a DJ.

RDC: My latest bookings at Kaufleuten, Monsoon or Studio were very successful. The people that go in this stylish clubs know what they expected. Artists you have been touched by recently? What countries or regions shall we look out for in the future?

Benny Pecoraio: Sweden’s hot!!! (SUMO, Rasmus Faber)

RDC: Sweden, Switzerland (SUMO, Spiritual South, Rasmus Faber – The Funk Ensemble, MoD, One Touch)

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Gerardo Nunez, Nils Peter Molvaer, Beady Belle. Scandinavia is coming!

Ralf GUM: Yes, whole Scandinavia. Add e.g. Bossa Electrico or Raw Fusion. But also South Africa and Croatia are coming up. And I want to mention that the American’s seem to be back stronger as ever, for example Kenny Dope seems to be on fire at the moment. How does your studio look like? What is the equipment consists of?

Ralf GUM: when working mostly like a mess…

RDC: My Studio is always clean, that’s important for me. The equipment is secret. Important is what you do with it and not what you have. There is many good software or hardware…

Benny Pecoraio: I mostly use a Fender Rhodes, a Fender bass, a no-name guitar, a Roland synthesizer and a PC for recording.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): There is a Drumset with Microphones and a PC for recording. Electronic-Drums like Roland SPD11 and DDrum and some small Percussion. What tickles your musical fancy when you are listening to music? What is a good music made of?

Ralf GUM: Originality, groove and harmony, plus senseful lyrics performed with a good melody by an interesting voice.

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: Great musicians, great producer, great arrangement, great sound.

Benny Pecoraio: If I only had that recipe…

RDC: Good musician, they’re important.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): First, there must be a good groove … Diversity or uniformity? What do you prefer when playing/spinning?

Benny Pecoraio: That depends on my/the audience’s mood.

RDC: A good mixture, important is that you feel the moment.

Ralf GUM: Great diversity in small musical spectrum. Does the size of the audience matters when playing? A big crowd with a full house craze or a moderate little group with an inward relationship within?

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: No, small clubs are cool and big festivals with 80000 people are amazing too.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Not the size, only my feeling and the feeling of the audience

Benny Pecoraio: It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the crowd loves your sound. And to dance.

RDC: I like all situations, I’m happy when i see a smile on the faces and i feel that they enjoy the music.

Ralf GUM: It influences maybe the sound I am playing, but not the joy of DJ-ing. What is the place of soulful house between other genres in your local scene?

Ralf GUM: Unfortunately soulful house only speaks to a small niche and is only heard by a minority.

RDC: Lately ”soulful House, Vocal House” was only secondary, but i’m sure that more quality House music will be back very soon. In 2005 GOGO didn’t show up at the WMC. What about the next WMC? What do you expect from the event itself? Will you participate, perform?

Ralf GUM: I played on two events of ATAL last year. For this year I am currently planning a GOGO Music event in cooperation with our booking-agency Newlite Muzik, New York. I hope it will work out…

RDC: Yes we hopefully participate, perfrom & introduce a lot of soulful music… ? otherwise I’m pleased to meet many good people and have fun. Plans, next releases, coming events you’ll play at?

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: I´m working on my second album at the moment.

Benny Pecoraio: Next big event will probably be the WMC.

Ralf GUM: Upcoming is the „Try Me” single. I started to work on my first album as well. DJ-wise I am looking forward to Muak (London) on Boxing Day and some other promising gigs…check

RDC: You can find all infos on my site:

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Many new SUGAR BEAT Songs. The future of DJing: CD, Vinyl, mp3 or other format?

Ralf GUM: Mp3, even if I am not happy about this development. I still try to use as much vinyl as possible.


Benny Pecoraio: I buy most of the music as mp3, then burn it on CD.

RDC: Vinyl. If not a producer/musician, what type of work would you choose? (Presuming that music fills out almost all the time you have)

Ralf GUM: I would kill myself…;-)


RDC: Footballer, Forza Juve…

Deephouse: A ordinary day of your life goes like…

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: … Milkcoffee, studio, recording, programming, mixing…

Benny Pecoraio: …Going to university.

RDC: I wake up (not in the morning)… then i go to the beach and i enjoy my life (greetings from switzerland ?)

Ralf GUM: … mainly like Phil’s, plus some office work, but I wish it would be like Roberto’s… What is the last book you read? What is your opinion about it?

Benny Pecoraio: ’Perfume’ by Patrick Sueskind. Good one!

RDC: The instruction manual of my Mac G5 ? good thing…

Ralf GUM: I read Kafka’s „The Metamorphosis”, very depressing…

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: Cooking Thai Food

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): The Blue Note Biography What is the motto of your life if there is one?

Benny Pecoraio: Let’s see what comes next.

RDC: Whatever you do, do it with LOVE.

Ralf GUM: A life without music would be a misunderstanding.

SUGAR BEAT (Steffen): Pick up from life as much as possible!

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL: Being with my family, my girl and my friends. Being perfectionist in my work.

Thanks for the inter guys, and bigups!