Southport Weekender brings you there with the most essential videos taken at Southport. You don’t have to surf all around the web, the most memorable moments are here!

Ian Friday

With the beautiful song ‘Life Starts Today’:

The previous video continues like this (Warning! ‘Theorema Del Faya‘!):

And part 3 with ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing’ by Stevie Wonder:

Since this guy deserves another aspect, almost all of his set is here in the following 3 vids! Best quality!

part II

part III

Kerri Chandler & Dennis Ferrer with Sony Vaio and 3 DATs :)

Kerri playing’ MAW’s ‘I Can’t Get No Sleep’:

‘Bar-A-Tyme’ with one of our favourite acapella on it and a previously unheard remix of Jamie Lewis’ ‘Unity’. I need this track! :)

Dennis Ferrer playing ‘Church Lady‘, then blows our mind away:

Sunday Shoutin’:

After ‘Sunday Shoutin”:

And Kerri ends the set with an own vocal performance on ‘Rain’ and a pleasure-speech. Awesome!


Karizma playing Leela James’ ‘My Joy’ (Quentin Harris Remix)

Michelle Weeks

‘Be Thankful’

‘You have a purpose’

‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘The Light’ before Tony Humphries’ 50th Birthday set. This diva is fantastic!

Tony Humphries

Mr. Humphries’ special birthday set with Michelle Weeks on the vocals:

Since the previous vid was brief, here is a poor quality one but at least you can hear what the legend played:

Glenn Underground

A bunch of good quality videos on Glenn Underground playing beautifully at the Bacardi Room, Southport:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

Soul II Soul

Caron Wheeler performing ‘Keep On Movin’:

The Fatback Band

The party was so good that the stage can be hardly seen :)

DJ Spinna

Spinna with some monstrous disco & funk stuff!

Jamie Lewis

Jamie spinning ‘I Shall not be Moved’:

Sounds of Blackness:

No words needed!

Not enough? See (listen to) what happened at The Sands! Paul S, Richard Francis and more…

A little tribute for a spanish crew who went to the weekender:

If you find further videos from Southport Weekender 41, please put the links to the comments section!