Freakyhouse team has started his own netlabel with exclusive free dowloadable Hungarian tracks.

The first freakyhouse sampler is avaliable now (it was released Jan 11, 2008) at the website. The first compilation includes exclusive tracks from talented Hungarian producers. You can download the tracks from the freakyhouse website – it’s totally free, and these songs are not avaliable via other netlabels or websites. According to plans  a new sampler will come out every three months including lots of genres.

The first release includes songs from Hungarian producers. The first song was written by Soutien Gorge – this track is a really deep ambient-dub music (recommended for armchair-warmers). The second made by Ferenc Vaspoeri, it operats with minimalistic and house-tuned musical notes. BigFlash is up at hip-hop music but he has made a techy house music with vocal – we can feel the black roots in this music. The last one is a brilliant deep house song from the United Soul with live keyboards by J.B.

Enjoy the freaky sound and download the tracks from the freakyhouse website –

Freakyhouse sampler volume one

01. Soutien Gorge – Gondolkodnom kell
02. Ferenc Vaspoeri – Day of the week variance
03. BigFlash – Fuck playin’ gamez
04. United Soul feat. J. – Soul piano