With Mr. V in the backstage, all doors are closed because the music is already loud in the main room: funky, jazzy, disco tunes can be heard echoing loud. Microphone check one-two…
Mátyás introduces himself, tells a few words about Deephouse.hu, then a guy (Pedro) comes in and asks Victor to play his new Jill Scott remix. Assuming that it is in the box for today’s show, we get the information from our American friend that the new Sole Channel remix will be done for Alicia Keys..

DH.HU: What encouraged you to launch Sole Channel Music with Alix Alvarez?

MR.V: Well, we wanted a label that represented us and the music we would trying to do. Me and Alix knew that we were different than everybody else out there. Different meaning not just house but doing hip-hop, doing r’n’b, doing funk, doing broken beat. You know it’s just music we like, that we listen to every day that we really couldn’t get to play in a club because we were more known for the house stuff, so we wanted a label that we could put our own projects out on and really be focused on that.

DH.HU: How did you two meet?

MR.V: We met in MAW Studios in NYC, Alix was the assistant-engineer for both Kenny and Louie and I was basically the assistant for them but in the office so we were working in the same area and we spoke about what the business was missing, and we found we have a lot in common so we clicked. He showed me the MPC, he showed me how to make beats, what the machines can do. I had my own party on Saturday nights called Sole Channel back in the Low-East side in New York and I brought him in – he wasn’t DJing but I knew he’d love to DJ too – to come along playing with me.

DH.HU: You mentioned Louie Vega. What does he mean to you?

MR.V: Louie is just all around… He is a talented producer, a talented DJ and he has three ears. He knows what things should sound like. He is a good guy, he spots talent. We met each other somewhere around ’93-94, he had a party called the Underground Network on Wednesday nights and I was doing the lights at the same club on Thursdays. The guy who was supposed to do the lights on Wednesday got sick one night so I had to cover for him and I did: I guess I blew Louie away by doing lights so much that after that he decided to take me everywhere.

Mr. V

- before the interview Victor called his wife, so the next question was obvious:

DH.HU: You just called Miss Patty. How is she? How did you get to know each other?

MR.V: Well, I was actually talking to her first in ’95. She used to go to the same club (Underground Network) but I never really got to approach her. Years went by and I started to work in a club called Vinyl in NYC and she was there… I walked up to her, talked to her, we hooked up and we got married… You know, the rest is history! ? We got married in 2003-2004 but I might be wrong, I am not sure – but you can edit that, take it out! ?

DH.HU: Since then, you work together…

MR.V: Yes, but we’ve never worked before that. When I met her she was DJing and whenever we met I was practicing DJing on her turntables, so she was the one who was musically incline already: we had a lot in common, that was perfect! ?

DH.HU: You have a child as well…

MR.V: Yes, his name is Luis. Now he is 11 going on 12.

DH.HU: What will his job be? ?

MR.V: He will be a basketball player, not a DJ, because basketball players make more money! ?

DH.HU: OK, back to Sole Channel Music… How do you decide which music to release?

MR.V: There’s nothing to decide. We don’t care, we just put out the music we like, what we feel at the moment. Plus whatever we create we put out.

DH.HU: What was the last release coming out on Sole Channel?

MR.V: The last release was ‘The DJ’ by Jolene and we have Dragonfly dropping next week. She has worked with a bunch of artists. We did a song together called ‘All the Way’. She wrote the song, I produced it and we are going to put that out next week. Then there is another one: Endanger ft. Scotty P ‘Queen’, a reggae record but we made it to a house record. And the last release is Miss Patty’s ‘You don’t Want it’ which is off her album. She has his first album out on Sole Channel that came out Christmas Day.

DH.HU: Can you tell me something about these two newcomers Siji and Jolene?

MR.V: Siji is an incredible talent. He has a great sound, a different vibe: me and Alix love this stuff so it’s always an honor to have him release music on Sole Channel Music. Jolene is from South Africa, Alix and Franck Roger met her and she first did a single with Franck, and then she did a single with us. There’s a lot of great talent too coming out of South Africa, but you will hear about it soon.

DH.HU: Have you ever been there?

MR.V: Yes, three times. It’s amazing!

DH.HU: You have been to nearly every continents by now, right?

MR.V: I haven’t been to South America and Asia yet, I am looking forward to all those places when I get there.

DH.HU: Do all those clubs in America, Africa, Australia and Europe differ from each other?

MR.V: It all depends. Some clubs are cheesy, they just weird. Some clubs are electro, kind of commercial, some clubs are deep. It’s a whole lot of different vibe sometimes, so it depends where you go and the type of people. You can have a beautiful club, but the people there have to love music. A lot of the times a lot of the clubs are kind of electro – they are commercial. You know, in Europe electro is very big so it’s kind of a fight there when I play along with electro DJs.

DH.HU: Is there a favorite place for you where you want to go back?

MR.V: Favorite place for me is South Africa and Sydney in Australia, Tokyo in Japan, Paris – Djoon is a no. 1 place -, plus I love Mykonos in Greece.

DH.HU: Tell us something about the idea of ‘Welcome Home’.

MR. V: I wanted to make an album which is focused on music I like, music I was listening to, music that I grew up with and I wanted to make those all into an album. It’s been a long time for me – especially in the house music industry – and there wasn’t an album that touched all different types of things (hip-hop, broken beat) and I wanted to make an album just like that, putting all those words together. At that time there was a call for it – because everyone was making straight house albums and there wasn’t an album like that except DJ Spinna’s, but he was not making his album fully by himself.

DH.HU: I listened to your album and it reminds me to the hip-house era. You are rappin’ on house tracks which is obviously unique. Then you decided to DJ as well and I had a listen to your mix at Shack Music. It’s totally different.

MR. V: Yes, it’s more slower and chilled out because it’s what Shack Music is right now. Like for instance I’m doing the next Soul Heaven compilation with Joe Clausell and there you can see a totally different side of the way I play house too. There will be more energy and different vibes. All my CDs vary, but it’s all me.

DH.HU: Is there a moment which you consider to be the most important of your career?

MR. V: Not really. I’m really blast for having the opportunity for doing what I do. Some people don’t have it so I’m really thankful for it.

DH.HU: Back to Sole Channel Music: what distinguishes this label from other ones, like Vega?

MR. V: The stuff we put out ? We basically put out records that are different in a certain way. I can’t totally explain, but we have our own sound. Louie likes to put out the sound he likes and we are the same.

DH.HU: What is your opinion about soulful house labels like Purple Music?

MR. V: I love ‘em all! I like every label that have already put out 3-4 underground house record. Look at Purple Music: they are soulful – the sound is kind of switching a bit but they are still soulful. I like labels that take a chance.

DH.HU: What about Ralf GUM? Did you meet him?

MR. V: Ralf is good too. I think we did ?

DH.HU: Do you think competition between independent labels is important?

MR. V: I don’t think competition is important because there is no competition! ? The download thing is what killing everything.

DH.HU: So would you say that it’s a big family?

MR. V: No I can’t say big family, because even in big families you have problems with some of your relatives… I have issues with certain individuals. But that’s the way… My main concern is my label, that’s my no. 1. Whoever wants to run their own label – that’s their own business. I definitely know – and I’m confident enough to say it – that we have our own sound, we have our own vibe and we are a way different than anybody else. I can guarantee that.

DH.HU: Why did your release your album on Vega and Defected also?

MR. V: The reason why I released my album on Vega was I was giving something back to Vega for the opportunity he gave to me. Defected was licence, they loved it! Simon (Dunmore) came up to me in Miami, he said he loved it then he agreed to make a video of ‘Da Bump, he offered me a lot of money and I think that every person would take it… I honestly think that anyone would be a fool not to take the deal with Defected because they have a big market in Europe – so it only exposes me more in Europe. You have to give and take: as long as the deal is good and I’m feeling good the next day, the contract is straight, my lawyer agrees, Louie’s lawyer agrees and so does Defected then we are all good! ?

DH.HU: Do you have your own lawyer?

MR. V: Yes, I have a lawyer too. Everyone should have a good lawyer, a good accountant and someone who take care of you: that’s it!

DH.HU: What do you do apart from making music?

MR. V: If I’m not making music I try to make sure that Sole Channel is good ? And I hang out with my son, my dog and my wife watching movies, chillin’, making sure he is good at school… you know being a family man.

DH.HU: I have just read an interview with Alix and he said if he wouldn’t be a DJ he would be a backup dancer ?

MR. V: That’s Alix! Alix is like that – well, he backup dances now for me ?

DH.HU: What kind of projects are going on nowadays?

MR. V: Right now I’m trying to get an EP out from William ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriguez, Patty’s album which – like I said – came out on Christmas Day on digital release. Myself and Alix have an album coming out called ‘Interns’ and we have a bunch of remix projects for pop artists like Jill Scott and Alicia Keys.

DH.HU: Do you think Jill Scott is a pop artist?

MR. V: Yes, Jill Scott is a pop artist! Well, she is not POP pop, but new york soul! ?

DH.HU: Do you prefer live acts, DJing or both?

MR. V: Both is good, but it doesn’t really matter as long as people love what I’m doing.

DH.HU: Any hopes for the future?

MR. V: Well, I hope our label takes off. I hope the industry recognizes and I hope people will start getting back to listening to good music and purity. You know, there’s just too many people not being original right now. That’s what I love about our house community, that there are a lot of original aliases. I’m not sure about DJing, but when it comes to making music there is a universal, kind of original show. I’m thankful for that.

DH.HU: Do you think that there are real subgenres in house music?

MR. V: Yes there are. There are a lot of subgenres.

DH.HU: Will there be a day when we don’t need to talk about subgenres in house music?

MR. V: No. House is too big, house has too many elements man. You got people making tired all this every other day so it’s not going to change…

DH.HU: Then how would you describe your style?

MR. V: My style is underground, it’s hip-hop, it’s street, it’s sex, it’s love. It’s everything.

DH.HU: I read Miss Patty saying in an inter “Every house tracks should have a radio edit” do you agree with her?

MR. V: Yes, I totally do agree with her.

DH.HU: Why?

MR. V: Because you never know if thousands of millions of people will like it! You have to be prepared for that!

DH.HU: Would you mind if soulful or deep house became mainstream?

MR. V: Yeah, I don’t mind at all, bring it on! I don’t care, I just want to put out good music for everybody. If they don’t like it? So what?! If they don’t like it, don’t listen to it: that’s it! You know, I am not asking people to love me and hug me forever but you know if it takes me somewhere – like I’m playing next to Elton John – then I’m cool with it. I’m not worried about these things.

DH.HU: Would you really play next to him? ?

MR. V: I would love to play next to Elton John! I would play next to MC Hammer… Vanilla Ice if I have to, it doesn’t matter!! ? I just love music like I said and if he loves my music: cool! I don’t have no boundaries, it’s just me and music.

DH.HU: Do you have regular parties nowadays?

MR. V: Right now we have a party in New York called 5 Beats, it’s once a month with me and Alix.

DH.HU: What about Sole Channel Café?

MR. V: Sole Channel Café is a satellite radio show we have in New York and it’s every Thursday night on the East Coast from 9 to 11. I do one hour and Alix does one hour: it’s pretty good!

DH.HU: Do you hang out with Kenny Dope also?

MR. V: Yes, Kenny is a good friend of mine. We hang out whenever we can, you know, he is a busy person too, so…

DH.HU: Of course. Are yourself too a musician?

MR. V: Yes, I play some keyboards and I use the computer to turn out different sounds. Sometimes I have others playing for me like Reelsoul, Erik Deutsch and there are a couple of peoples that I call up to come in the studio and vibe with me.

DH.HU: Composing or improvising? How do you create music?

MR. V: Its heat of the moment, I don’t plan anything. I’m off the head, I just find stuff when I’m playing something, watching TV, hangin’ out with my son, friends.

DH.HU: If you had to choose 3-5 songs of your productions that characterize you what would you pick up?

MR. V: Jus’ Dance, Da Bump, V Gets Jazzy, On the Grind, Somethin with Jazz.

DH.HU: Whats your opinion about communal music sites like myspace?

MR. V: I love it, it’s all about promoting and expose new music comin’ up on the people.

DH.HU: What about the WMC?

MR. V: I’m not going, they have to fix it its not worth, waste of money it’s a mess really, nobody goes anymore, I mean no industry people. The same people I see home, I see them in Miami.

DH.HU: What’s spinnin’ in your ipod nowadays? What was the last good track your heard?

MR. V: Kanye West – Flashing Lights.

DH.HU: Great! Many thanks for the inter Victor!

What came after this is a brief introduction of the recent past of Hungary and some stuff about the music, and party “culture” here, but I wouldn’t bore you all with that, cos’ maybe I will sum up this in a sole article.:)