Our new guestmix offers pure deepness and quality straight from the US! Dj Venus7 collected tracks that make us realise: this is the original dope tribal shit we love!

diva of the deep by dj venus7


Venus 7 first got into the music scene in NYC/NJ then moved to Chicago in 95′, and began her DJ career while attending Columbia College(Chicago) for sound engineering. she then started playing all over the mid-west and gainded the respect of the underground scene as well as the club scene. Playing major clubs alongside other international DJs.

Venus 7 has travelled all over the globe from London to Tokyo, from Chicago to NY. The opera house, Bournemouth-UK, Spin, Kid FM Radio-London, Roxy-Boston, Avalon-NYC, Groove-Tokyo, Japan, Twilightt-Hong Kong, Image Lounge and Xpander-Amsterdam just to name a few of the multiple areas and clubs she has had the pleasure of spinning at.
Her experience goes beyond the tables, having majored in electronic music production and booking numerous clubs. Her love for Deep-Funky-Tribal House is obvious and can’t be denied. Her ability to read a crowd, and attention to detail is only rivaled by her intensity on the decks. Never wasting a second, whether she is DJing, writing music and sound engineering her work ethic is unparallel. This hard working businesswoman proves time and time again that her dedication for the music is as strong as the kindnesss and love in her heart. Look out for her upcoming projects for the Soul Pleasure Tour (featuring Eman and Marcus McGowan), The Remix Tour (With headliner DJ Dayhota), Planetsoul Network, Chicago Fever, and 88.5 WUNR, Chicago’s underground radio station. Venus 7 is constantly on the prowl of a unique and reviving of the scene kind of venture. In a new Female DJ revolution, Venus 7 is coming out with her guns fully loaded. If nothing else, you can definately say that Venus 7 is a well rounded, dedicated, hard working, caring, experienced and energetic talent that everyone could use in their lives to enrich their own musical outlook and experiences.