For what reason and when did you start producing?

I started producing in 1995, my first record was on Explicit Vinyl in `96, former label of the guys who are doing Chilli Funk Records right now. The reason is just simple: being a DJ for a certain time this was just the next step.

What musicians and band have you been influenced by the most? Finally how did house took you? What kind of other styles are close to your heart?

I really like lots of music. From Jazz/Soul to Rock over Reaggae to Hip Hop or Classic, it depends in what mood I am… I cant really say what exactly influenced me regarding my productions today. I think I started going out just in the time when Electronic-music hits Germany, so thatYs how it took me and never left me again!!

What do you reckon the most important moment of your works, the beginning of producing, the foundation of Realbasic, a gig, or maybe a release?

That’s a question not easy to answer. There were many good moments till now and surely will be more in the future. The second club I was resident DJ in, was the OM Dancehall in Heilbronn/Germany from 92-94. This was the best club ever and very important for my following work. At that time we started bookings from abroad like DJ Pierre, Erik Rug or Boris Dlugosch. From the production site I would say that always the first release u get the chance to bring to the public is a great moment! I think it is a nice feeling and important moment to hold your own record in your hands for the first time!

Have you ever regretted that you launched a record label?

No, never. This was one of my best decisions!

What is the difference between Realbasic Recordings and Realbasic Tracks?

Realbasic tracks is more for instrumental stuff.
Realbasic`s more for vocal-tracks.
In 2007 we will “reunite” the two labels together as one!

How did you get to know Roman Freihoff and Christian Waitzinger?

Roman is a very old friend of mine. We worked together in the Om Club I just mentioned. Christian I got to know in the club I was resident after Om, the M1 Club in Stuttgart. We played there for over than 9 years together.

If I can make a subjective statement, My People is one of my favourites. How did you manage to catch Tyree Cooper for Realbasic? Do you get on well ever since? With who do you keep a close relationship in the scene?

Tyree is also a old friend of mine. I know him over ten years now, so we got in the studio to work on some tracks. We did actually 5 singles together. In 2007 we will re-release our biggest track “Groove you out tonight” with new mixes?

In 2003 a guy called Kid Massive emerged in the house scene, and nowadays gaining more and more appreciation mainly at his home, Denmark, where he was nominated for the second time in 2006 for the producer of the year at the Danish DJ Awards. In these days we could hear some quality productions made by him, and made by the Rhythm Slaves as well. Could you present shortly the artists of Realbasic?

The main artist at Realbasic are Shik Stylko and DYStephanie from Belgium. She will release her 4th single next year called ?do you? with mixes from Demarkus Lewis and Boo Williams, so sheYs the one together with us having most of the releases on Realbasic. Surely Dj Jeroenski, Atgar from Hungary, The Rhythm Slaves, Kid Massive, Soul Avengerz are all artists who helped Realbasic to become what it is now.
We’re also proud to get some great remixers over the years like Brian Tappert, Grant Nelson, Soul Avengerz or Hardsoul…

Who decide what to release?

We are actually three people working for Realbasic. Davide, Roman and I. We all three decide whats coming out or not.

What is the Shik Stylko sound like?

Thats hard to describe. WeYre trying to change it regularly a bit just not to sound every release similar. But I would say it’s a mixture between, soul, electro, tribal and funk!

What are the most memorable clubnights for you? What places to look out for?

Oh there are many… For sure the Om-Club was the place to be in the early years for me. But some parties we had at the M1-Club in Stuttgart were good as well. I just played in Hong Kong at Kee Club last September, this was one of my best parties I ever played!

To what music/record do you say: How great it could have been if I had wrote it? (not the record, but for you.;)

Maybe “Thriller” from Michael Jackson!!

What does deep house means in Germany, Matthias Tanzmann, Wighnomy Brothers, Ralf Gum, Timewriter, or maybe Jazzanova, Slope, Ame?

Deep house is a sentence everybody has its own opinion about it.
For me deep-house is something really smooth, groovy with subby basslines, warm chords and just simple… maybe Kerrie Chandler is the one to mention here.
But i have to say that i’m really away of this category-thinking like deep house, electro or what ever… for me its only music I like or I don’t like. That’s how I run our label and how I work as a DJ.

Who are those djs/producers, not well known today, who in your opinion will be the determining house heads of the scene in some (3-5) years time from now?

Mhm..hard to say! I think if we continue our work with Realbasic like we did in the past, you will hear much more about our artists in the future!

Are you down with the products of the digital revolution used increasingly (ableton live, final scratch), or are you a imperturbable fan of vinyls? Can you commit yourself to any of the two sides?

Honestly i’m playing only with cds since a several time.
The thing is that 100% of the promos I get are on cd… I’m not a fan of final scratch though cause I get confused in reminding all those names of the tracks and it takes too much time to do the set-up before playing!!!!! I really enjoy working on the pioneers 1000.

What do you suggest to rookie producers?

Just to do what they like and what they feel! There you get the best results and you have to be patient, patient, patient!!!!!

To what amount are you a devotee of the usage of live instruments at parties or records? Do you play on something?

I play keyboard a bit. We used to have many musicians for our productions, but right now we’re doing mainly our tracks with electronic elements, so we are only working with our keyboarder at the mo.

How would you rate 2006? Are you satisfied with the critics connected to the releases?

2006 was a good year. Started slow but got very good by mid of the year. With our label and mainly with our remixes we did for Hardsoul, Soulfuric, Raisani or Deep Josh. These tracks went all top 1 at Traxsource, so it was a good year for us.

What can we expect from Shik Stylko and Realbasic in 2007? Are there any new mixes or an artist album among the plans?

We will focus more on our own productions in 2007.
A album is planned and a new mix-compilation. Also with Realbasic we will move to the next step, involving our friend Matt Caselli to Realbasic and getting some new partners we will be much stronger in 2007.

How about the 2007 WMC?

We planned to go to Miami in 2007. But we said that the last two years and didn’t make it, so it might be not 100% sure :)

Are there anyone who you help nowadays with producing, any cooperations? Do you plan that you release under other aliases in the future also?

Mainly we focus on our own things. We often do the mixdowns of the tracks which comes out on rb by our artists in our studio, so this is a way of help. Roman and I had only under the alisas “Night People” a record out on Realbasic Tracks called “L’Afreaque”.
Before doing Shik Stylko I had many release under aliases like Buzios,
K & N Project, T.K.Bros, Subsero or Morning Grooves.

What are you engrossed by beside music?

I’m 100% into music. So thereYs not much time to do other things. If I have time, I do sports like biking and in winter snowboarding (if there is snow!!!!!)…

In these days you are travelling to Prague. Have you been there? And Hungary? What do you know about our country?

Oh yeah, just came back from Prague. It was the second time and it was really nice. Very friendly people and a good club.
To be honest I don’t know much about Hungary. Its gonna be the first time and i’m really looking forward to go there!!

We are looking forward to meet you here, thanks for the inter!

It was my pleasure, see you soon in Hungary!!!!