A native of Rio de Janeiro, DJ MEME is best known as Brazil’s top House DJ and most critically acclaimed and successful remixer/producer. He gained recognition early in his career by introducing underground dance rhythms to the pop scene, which gave the various pop acts that he worked with the opportunity to crossover into other markets, and become credible dance floor sensations.
According to Billboard magazine, his 1996 remix of “ESTOY AQUI” for the newcomer SHAKIRA made so much noise that it subsequently became her first worldwide club hit! Shortly thereafter, the music industry quickly took notice and MEME began producing remixes for artists such as Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Dido, Ricky Martin, Desiree, and many more.
However, MEME has always stayed true to his roots and maintained a connection to the club scene. In 2005, he produced “VIVA” under the moniker MANDALA, on KNEE DEEP Records, which gained broad DJ support worldwide and even reached the #2 position on DJ Magazine’s Hype Chart.

Currently, MEME has just signed his next single called “PATOLADA” to Defected Records in the UK. In addition, he is remixing and producing various projects for Deepswing, Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford, Audiowhores, Redsoul, Kenny Bobien… and the list goes on!

Where were you born? How would you describe your childhood? How and when did you get in connection with house music? Why didn’t you prefer football?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which is where I still live. My childhood wasn’t really normal, ’cause I was not like the other kids of my neighborhood… I HATE football, so in Brazil if you don’t like it, you can imagine: you are “OUT of the club” !!

But I had some friends in the school that used to like music like me, so I had the idea to organize some parties. At that time I was 13 years old, so I had some records and tapes, and I started to DJ at home, making parties every first friday of the month to my school friends. That went so well, that I started to be called to DJ at other kids parties too…so, at that time, I wasn’t REALLY needin’ the football anymore.

How is the life in Brazil? How is the Clublife?

Life is good because we have a great wheather during the whole year. Brazil is so big (bigger than Europe) and there are beaches all over the country, so travelling around is very fun.

The clublife is very diverse, therefore is a big size country we have my countries within the same Brazil, so every corner is different. We have many Festivals during the whole year, and I use to travel for DJ EVERY WEEKEND.

Where come from the name, Meme?

My real name is MARCELLO MANSUR…MM , as U can see…so, to become MEME was easy: There was a time when people use to call me DJ MM , so 6 months later MEME was born, cause was easier to speak…lol

Soulful house is really unknow in Hungary, what is the situation in Brazil?

Soulful House was NEVER for too many people. It’s a very elaborated music…not simple and with jazz chords, so from this point of view, you can see that not too many people will Understand it. The big masses will always prefer songs with repetitions, simple and easy to sing and remember…that is called “COMMERCIAL”. That’s why when a song becomes BIG, there’s always many songs after , that sounds like the first one. Soulful House is not based on this…that’s why it remais for special ears only…but as you can see, IT NEVER ENDS, It’s always here, since House music was born in the 80′s.

You are the best known and most critically acclaimed Dj in Brasil and world famous producer, which is more important for you djing or producing?

DJing for sure…DJing is my first love. It’s about pleasing the crowd, that pleases me…a great energy change. Without DJing I would never have the skills to produce tracks for the dancefloor. Otherwise, being a recording artist and a remix producer, gives me the chance to achieve people oveseas. My sound leaves my studio and goes taking my music and my name to everywhere, because of that I can travel and DJ in HUNGARY, for example. As You can see, one completes the other.

Which was your best party ever? Why?

That’s hard to say, But I have some good memories from CHINA LOUNGE CLUB in Hamburg,Germany. The german people really knows how to party, cause they go until 8/9 AM…and I’ve heard that in Hungary the crowd is AWESOME too…can’t wait to get there!!!

The remix you made for SHAKIRA – ESTOY AQUI was a huge exploison, How did you get this project? Do you know Shakira personally?

Yeah…because of the huge hit, she came to Brazil, and we got good friends at that time. That was in 1997, and she wasn’t blondie at that time…lol…she is so sweet, but very carefully with her music and work.That’s very important.

The remix job came to me by Sony Latin, and they needed to make something LATIN, ’cause they were trying to sell her as a LATIN artist singing LATIN music, so according to Sony, I was the only one in Latin America at that time who could make a good mix…but when I’ve heard the track I said: -” DAMN…THIS TRACK IS GOOD…GOOD ENOUGH TO STAY ON THE LATIN UNIVERSE ONLY. FUCK IT…I’M GONNA MAKE MY THING”, so I did a HOUSE MIX full of pianos and percussions…very uplifting, not a latin mix…I think because of that It crossed boundaries.

You made remixes for Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Dido, Ricky Martin as well, what do you think will you also produce music to them in the future?

Hehehehes…I alredy had this job here in Brazil…I produced many records here, because of my DJ Skills…the artists came to me to make something POP DANCE for radios…and I did. I’ve made a lot of money and sold millions of records here…but today the ,market is down, so It doesn’t worth spend so much time on the same album, because you REALLY HAVE TO BE AVALIABLE, when producing an ALBUM…I prefer remixes and DJing.

What kind of programs and instruments do you use in your studio? Could you play any instruments or do you work with musicians?

I do both: I play some easy chords and percussions, and I hire musicians to execute my most complicated ideas…and to contribute with their ideas too. I love to see a good musician playing over a House track.

In the studio I use ProTools for editing on computer, but all of my sounds are from real instruments, not Virtual…I have a full studio with keyboards and Synthesizers…I build it when I was making money with albums.

Dimitri from Paris and other famous producers declared that you produce the releases with very high standard of musicality. How do you begin for the work? What inspires you?

THE SONG…It’s all about the song…the same I told you about SHAKIRA’s song when I’ve heard for the first time…sometimes the vocal inspires me, but nothing is compared to a good song. A beautiful melody makes my imagination flyes, and when I see, I have a full new track in my mind to fit that melody.

You already have had release in THE two best known records the Defected and also Soulfuric. How did you get in touch with them?

If you make a good work and act properly, time makes people hear about you. It’s all about time. You have to make a good job too, so some people talks about you to these companies. This is always happening. If I like somebody’s work, I will spread the word. Everybody does it…but you have to be correct also.

Is there anything else important for you, except music? What do you do in your freetime? Do you have any hobbies?

I love to travel to different places…I love movies and a good talk…I can spend the whole day talking with someone…and FOOD!!! I love food…tastes…I love to eat good, in good places. My tongue is my judge…I can fall in love with a place If I like the taste of Its food…and I can fall in love with a girl after a good kiss…hahahahahahaha.

Did you ever played in the world famous carneval of Rio? Is it true, that is swang around with erotic?

Oh, man…Erotic is something very specific from place to place. In Amsterdam there’s an EROTIC MUSEUM…In Hamburg, there are girls offering sex on displays on the street. In Europe girls goes to the beach without the bra…showing the breasts…in Brazil If you do that, the police can arrest you. But in the carnival girls can go almost naked to the avenue (NOTE THAT THIS IS RESTRICTED TO ONE STREET ONLY, WHERE THE CARNIVAL HAPPENS).What happens here is that we have a beatiful people in the country. Girls are really beautiful and sexy because of the beautiful bodies. this makes a big confusion on dirty minds everywhere.

Have you ever heard something about Hungary?

Sure. For example: My mate Matt Caselli have been there recently and he told me that the party was awesome… I know we will rock!!!!

Which spirits do you like? What shall we plan to offer for you?

I like to party, eat good and know people…I’m open to taste and try anything new…even If It’s for 1 night only, so LET’S GO DEEPER !!!

Thanks a lot for the interview. We are really looking forward to you!! ;)