To be honest, I had not heard about Casamena before his Monday Michiru remixes (Don’t) released on Phuture Sole Records so I did a little investigation on him :). Let me share the results with you!

OK, so this guy is originally a hip-hop artist djing for more than 20 years now and he has some awesome house productions released for eg. on Yoruba. Being a poet, he doesn’t even have to ask for lyrics! Currently he works with Osunlade on a brand new hip-hop project called Casa Ocha. His clubnight is called ‘Bembe‘ where he plays alongside the alreay mentioned Osunlade, David Harness, Karizma and Siji just to name a few..

Let’s check out the Bembe feeling:

I’ve also found a live mix from Casamena himself at DJ PS’ blog split into two:

Casamena – Friday Night Bembe @ Vybe Radio 10aug07 pt1
01. Joe Clausell “Obatala”
02. Arken “Vessel”
03. Yerbua Buena “Fever” (Tea Party Vocal)
04. Somore “I Refuse” (Jojo Flores Edit)
05. Vincent Montana “The African Track”
06. Afromento “Kumba”
07. Little Louis “I Called You”
08. Floetry “I Want You” (Yoruba Soul Mix)
09. Harold Brandon “Happiness” (Abicah Soul Mix)
10.Claus Schneider “Nothing is Real” (Therapy Dub)

Casamena – Friday Night Bembe @ Vybe Radio 10aug07 pt2
01. Tikiman “Ruff” (Afefe Iku Remix)
02. DJ Fudge “Cortiba”
03. Sade “I’d Never Thought…” (Yotam Avni Insomnia Mix)
04. UPZ ft. Hillary Sargeant “Fanga” (Abicah Soul Remix)
05. Martin Solveg and Stephy Haik “Cabo Parano ” (MS Absinthe Dub)
06. Grupo Batuque “Keyzer”
07. Siji “Irinajo” (Alix Alvarez Dub)
08. Reel People feat. Angela Johnson “In the Sun” (Yoruba Dub)
09. DJ Kirill “Fusion”

His website is not really up-to-date, but you can find pretty much further info on him at Casamena’s MySpace page. Expect as much as you can and concentrate on the music player!

Shouldn’t be enough, check the weekly Casamena podcast..