Hy Tom!
Pls talk about urself, ur home, ur childhood!

I am son of italian mother and croatian father, born 27 years ago in a city next to Zagreb. It was average family and none my parents weren’t into music or composition. I used to bugg them all the time with loud music at home.

All money I got instead of buying lunch in the school I was spending on music. It lead to so many serious conversation with my parents but at the end they realized that this is really what I love so they started to support me. They were mid class family so all music or equipment I bought was with my own money I earned doing some work for others.

Why, when and how did u get in the music scene?

First gig I had in 1990 (age 10), guy who was playing music during the primary school class breaks was sick and I got chance to replace him and actually that year I`ve realized that playing music Is what I want to do in my life.Later on I got chance to play in local clubs and at age 14 I started working on local radio as dj and programme editor where 2 years after in 1996 I got my own radio show were I was promoting all kind of electronic music. And actually thats how I started.

What was that point when its all turned to serious?

It was 1997 and at that time I released first remix in Croatia which i got payed for so I was sure that future is going to be good for Blacksoul. Later in 2001 is year when remix for Norken – Southern Soul on UK label Hydrogen Duke helped to establish Blacksoul as new artists on the worldwide electronic scene. For that remix famous Laurent Garnier said “We need more music like this” givin 5/5.

How u define ur own style?

House with elements of deep , funk , jazz , soul , tech – mixture of everything i like which creates very danceable sound and move asses on the dancefloor.

How u make ur remixes and songs? What is the equipment?

I use my home based studio where i run 2xPCs on newest Intel Quadr Core procesors , few hardware synths (yamaha) , midi controlers (m-audio) , alesis mixer , ssl duende firewire compressor, KRK monitors etc. First I start with the beats and melody than later i create bassline and all other arrangments. At the end I spend most of the time with FX , EQ and compression to make track sounding the way i want. After I finish with song I leave it until next day, and than if its still good I render and burn to CD.

Which labels released u? How did u reach it?

First I was sending promos to everyone I liked…but last few years labels are aproaching me seeking for the material. Labels : Hydrogen dukebox , Reverberations , Swank/Franchize , Soul Candi , Soulstar , Sunshine Entp , S-Sense , OAE , So Sound , Deepfunk Records , Greenhouse , Odds & Ends , DHP , Icon , Uniform , Housetown , Grab , Rithmica , Nightlight , Look At You , Blacksoul Music , Truelove etc etc.

Pls talk about ur own label. What is the conception?

After more than 30 releases on others labels I decided that its time to create my own imprint where I will release music I really like without compromising the quality. Concept of Blacksoul Music Records is to put out more deeper-musical stuff with remixes for the producers I really like. I am trying to not use 10 producers who you can find on most of the labels as there is so many talented and dope musicians around the world. We are at release no4 and we already have new stuff signed from people like Iz & Diz , Hipp-e , Vernon , Pete Dafeet , Kel Quadrant and many others. Releases are recognized by top world DJs and BBC Radio 1 amongst others. We are happy to see us growing and we are happy too see that people are still into quality stuff. To satisfy even more people we decided to open sister label called Truelove where we will try to put more uplifting-electro house sound giving chance to local artists. As first release on Truelove we have Tom & Grade old welknown DJs from Croatia who produced ultimate peaktime house hit called Your Mind with Antoine from USA on vocals. Song is already being supported by top jocks and full released date is going to be end of april with remixes from Juke Joint , Blacksoul & Kid Massive. more info @ myspace.com/tomblacksoul or www.blacksoulmusic.com

Where did u play in the world? Which was the best?

I`ve played in USA , Germany , Austria , Netherland , Slovakia , Latvia , Slovenia , Serbia and ofcourse in Croatia. Soon I will have my first gig in my new home country Hungary – looking forward to play there for beautiful hungarian girls :)) Best gig I`ve had in Latvia on last years Summer beach festival in front of 3500 people , though I admit I really love to play more in smaller clubs up to max 500 people capacity.

U are in Hungary a lot cause of ur other job, What u like and what u don’t here?

Yes , because of my other job I had to relocate-move to Hungary in January 2006. I really like it as Budapest reminds of my Zagreb (same arhitecture – buildings) , I also like the image of whole city (castles , river etc) its beautiful. What I don`t like is that not many people speaks English so its kinda hard for me to comunicate but I am trying hard to learn Hungarian :))) so far I managed to learn few words (very important one :))) so cute girls can test my language knowledge very soon :)))

What’s the plan for the close future?

Plan is definitely to develope in the music composition , to bring labels to higher level and to visit every city in the world where there`s club.:) I dont do music for money or fame I do this because I really cannot imagine living without it.

Thanx for the interview Tom, keep up the good work!