Bobby and Steve came to play at Moments, this is the reason we sent a few questions to them…

DH.HU: If I know well you are 43 years old, you are almost old like as my parents. From where do you get the energie? What is the secret?

BS: Our Energy comes from the passion we have for life and the love for music

DH.HU: How would you describe your childhood? Did you fight with each other a lot?

BS: We had a very active up brining, coming from a family with 5 boys & 3 girls there was always lots to do and of course lots of arguments, but nothing to physical.

DH.HU: How did you get in connection with the music? Were there any musician in your family?

BS: Our older sister Sonia was very educational in our musical path, and our local pub asked us to play some music one night, which lead to a weekly spot with a full house, the rest is history. There wasn’t any musicians in our family, but we all LOVED music.

DH.HU: The turning point in your life was in the eighties when you traveled to New York and visited Lenny Levan’s famous club the „Paradise Club”. How was the club, people and feeling there?

BS: The whole experience was totally amazing, and we are very fortunate having experienced the Paradise Garage. The sound system, the crowd and the atmosphere and of course the late great Dj Larry Levan was just something you could only dream of, and there we were.

DH.HU: How is the life in England nowadays? How about the club life?

BS: it’s cool in England. Life is what you make it, where ever you are in the world. The club life is probably the best in the world right now, with so many clubs & different styles of music, there is a lot to choose from nearly every night of the week.

DH.HU: How was the Winter Music Conference in this year? Can you tell more about it? I hope I could be there once.

BS: It was FANTASTIC, we had over 2.500 people pass through our Soul On The Beach day time party, with 20 dj’s & 12 singers from all around the world taking part. We have been attending THE WMC for 13 years now.

DH.HU: I found a video on youtube from your WMC party but i didn’t see you. Maybe did you record the video?

BS: We’ve seen the video, it’s great but wasn’t recorded by us.

DH.HU: What do you think about the future of soulful? Soulful house is really unknown in Hungary, but we hope it will be more popular.

BS: Soulful house has been there from the start and will be there till the end. With more soulful djs coming to play in Hungary, the soulful sound will be more well known.

DH.HU: Dj Meme said:

„Soulful House was NEVER for too many people. Is a very elaborated music…not simple and with jazz chords, so from this point of view, you can see that not too many people will Understand it. The big masses will always prefer songs with repetitions, simple and easy to sing and remember…that is called “COMMERCIAL”.

What do you think about?

BS: We think he is correct, the masses like the simple things in life, but some great commercial soulful house records have been successful in the commercial market but started off as underground records. Ultra Nate ‘Free / Crystal Waters ‘Gypsy Woman’ Kenny Dope ‘Bucketheads’ there are many more.

DH.HU: Which was your best party ever? Why?

BS: In 23 years we have had many fantastic parties, one that comes to mind was our 10th anniversary with Louie Vega , Kenny dope, BeBe Winans & Eternal live on stage, what a night.

DH.HU: What kind of programs and instruments do you use in your studio? Could you play any instruments or do you work with musicians?

BS: We use Logic pro 7, Bobby plays keyboards, and we work with other keyboard players & live musicians.

DH.HU: What do you think whose are the up coming producers?

BS: We like Dj Fudge from France.

DH.HU: How do you share the tasks in the records?

BS: We just go with the vibe, who ever is feeling it at the time will take control.

DH.HU: Do you always play B2B?

BS: Not always, Bobby plays the most.

DH.HU: If you aren’t in the studio, what do you do in your freetime?

BS: We both have Children so sthe family life takes up all the rest of our time.

DH.HU: I read in the contract that you ask for a liter vodka to the gig, but do you know the hungarian spirit called „pálinka” ?

BS: No we don’t know this drink, but i’m sure we will taste it on our visit.

DH.HU: You have already reached everything, what is your plans for the future?

BS: To keep being successful at what we do, and we are also planning to open our own small club in the next 2 years about 300 capacity.

DH.HU: Thanks a lot for the interview. We are really looking forward you!! ;)

BS: We are also very excited about our debut appearance in Hungary.